Invisibilis Moveré by Odélia Wong

Invisibilis Moveré by Odélia Wong

Invisibilis Moveré founded by Odélia Wong with the goal of introducing the new timeless styles with traditional handicraft, also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs. Bringing ideas to life through its products including scarves, accessories, and clothes, become tools of confident self-expression.

The founder’s final undergraduate collection in 2008, The Invisible Movement, went on to inspire the brand Invisibilis Moveré. The collection was influenced by the heritage landscape in China The Retreat & Reflection Garden, which evokes the secret relationships between time, space, feminism, idealism, social class, and self-identity. These traditional Chinese elements were translated into the modern culture through diverse techniques.

Invisibilis Moveré is an experimental design brand linking fashion, art, culture, and expression. The collection is influenced by the urban culture of Hong Kong, reinventing the concept of the wearable works of art, following the founder’s uncompromising modernity. The brand’s name Invisibilis Moveré implies invisible progress of intensity, value, diversity, and harmony co-existing thought out time. The Latin word moveré, which means “to move”, stems from the Latin word for motivation, it represents persistence in achieving a goal. 

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