The Colourful Monument : Meet the Murray

The Colourful Monument : Meet the Murray

The Colourful Monument : Meet the Murray
Reimagining the tale of east-meets-west between 
the old and the new

Colour is the foundation of a designer’s work, it evokes one reaction also may conjure the opposite vibes, or encompass a variety of emotions. According to the definition of Oxford Dictionary, chromaticity is the objective of specification of the quality of colour, independent of brightness. The identification of chromaticity signatures influenced by illumination colour change, in line with colour symbolism,  in art and anthropology refers to the use of colour as a symbol in various shades, psycho-spatial, Imagery, cultures, which expanded not only in photography, design, and fashion, also in society as it embraces diversity.


<<Every "One" has a story >>

Hong Kong, the multicultural and dynamic city like a mini United Nations, enriched by the diversity of gender identities, sexual orientations, racial and cultural backgrounds, abilities, religions, ages, and the mix-race, it's a way of HK-life. The Murray built in 1969, an iconic government building in the 60s as a 21st-century luxury hotel, demonstrates the city changes in enhancing the heritage of modern Hong Kong. This 27-storey building originally designed with its windows meticulously oriented to avoid intrusion of excessive direct sunlight, which is a simple, elegant and incredibly effective design, an early exemplar of sustainable architecture in Hong Kong. 

A distinctive presence on the city’s skyline with its deep square punched windows, brilliant white façade, and majestic arches at ground level. The building is also an early exemplar of sustainable design and is inextricably linked with the green network of the city, located in between Hong Kong Park and the Botanical Gardens. Each window for its indie spirit and heart running as a connection between People, Places, and Pursuits.

<<Everything old is new again, and vice versa.>>

Colour-Overlay the Murray originates from changing the tone curves techniques, inspired by adding colorimetry in the iconic and historical architecture in Hong Kong, starts with the fundamental concept of chromaticity. With the fashion theory of “ Game, Set, Colour, Match”, adhered the basic rules of colour theory to illustrate this collection that sends different vibes, also it's conception gathered a cult following. Scarf, the piece of fabric, worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, religious reasons, enrich your daily outlook from casual to stylish. It is also a timeless luxury product with its functional statement. Scarves used to be described as an investment piece that allows you to wear it in multiple ways, adapt to the weather you are in, and add personality to your wardrobe co-existing throughout time.

(... to be continued)

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