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La Mortaise ( Designer Blend Perfume )

La Mortaise ( Designer Blend Perfume )

A whisper of Kalos (καλός, Ancient Greek) opens up new horizons. Inspired by a state of balance and equilibrium where night meets day and opposites harmonize. Designed with perfectly balanced opposing chords that feature precious agarwood, sandalwood, cedarwood. With a note of Amber and patchouli, musk, meet a ​soft touch of Ylang-ylang elegance, hyacinth, and linalool.


Made In Hong Kong 
Designer blend in Hong Kong

Packaging & Design : Wooden Box with laser engravings pattern
Bottle : Upcycled glass bottle with wooden cape.

 Giving full expression to richness and sophistication of the art of living.

Perfume is always considered as a luxury item, it is a powerful tool to express one's personality, build a self-image, provide an exotic and mysterious self-charm, and engage with others. In some cases, perfume ( the experience of smell ) helps to recall one’s memories.

Regarding the name of Hong Kong literally means “Fragrant Harbour”, inspired by the city’s past as a major trading business for fragrant incense particularly in agarwood, which has its exquisite scent all around the city. The incense trees have also long been used in Hong Kong for Buddhism. Followers believe that the fragrance of agarwood can induce clarity, peace of mind also used for offerings in meditation, scripture, and chanting.

Remarks : 

1) A kalos inscription is a form of epigraph found on Attic vases and graffiti in antiquity, mainly during the Classical period from 550 to 450 BC. The word kalos means "beautiful", and in the inscriptions it had an erotic connotation.


法語 La Mortaise , 意思就是中國木建築中的榫卯,靈感來自於Odelia 在香港志蓮淨苑的體驗,用現代人的角度去感受、去觀察傳統中國木建築,置身在仿唐木建築群的體驗,從鬧市走到一片淨土的感覺。


Invisibilis Moveré 首枝香水,以沉香、檀香、雪松三種木香作為基調,遇上廣藿香,前調則以依蘭花,帶出女性優雅知性的獨特氣質。




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