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Silk Leather Symphony - Bucket Bag (真絲水桶包)

Silk Leather Symphony - Bucket Bag (真絲水桶包)


 時尚精品通過不同的小細節來設定趨勢。 從手袋到圍巾,點綴造型等於改變氣質。 當配飾作為視覺文化回綴時,手工藝則是用雙手傳遞傳統工藝的美學。 工匠們以工藝品作媒介,向大眾展示出各人對設計、形式、形態、不同的價值觀、生活哲學、美學態度、時尚和自我形象的價值與思維。水桶包的圖案均以IM 絲巾同款,每款均為限量款,全球同步銷售,香港製造,數量有限,售完即止。(不會重做)

或直接與我們聯絡,訂製屬於你獨一無二的真絲水桶包Print Details : 

IM1901 Tai Kwun series; 100% silk twill

Team IM decided to launch this new project aimed to promote the upcycle movement, rescue, and transform materials that otherwise would have gone to landfill. We designed and turned the print-swatches and leftovers into a leather-silk bucket bag, every single bag will be completely handmade in Hong Kong, some designs will be made in one and only, or with a limited quantity ( within 2-6 pieces per print, and no re-orders for each print). The results are unique and sustainable products.

Each bag will be made within 72 hours after date confirmation. 

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